Kraft Bags - The Eco Alternative to Wrapping Paper

November 1st - where did this year go! Halloween has gone, November 5th is just a few days away, and then we're on  the Christmas countdown.

Printed Kraft Bags

It's that time of the year when many of you will want to give your regular customers a little something to say 'thank you'.

(and if you need any ideas jut browse through our website!)

But how are you going to wrap it this year?

Single use plastic is going to be frowned on...

Laminated bags are certainly not much better...

Giftwrap is often plastic based and/or containing foil, and covered in sellotape so recycling isn't an option...

You could do a lot worse than to look at our range of white Kraft gift bags as they're fully recyclable - and come with your branding on them too!

Available in 4 sizes, these twist handle white paper bags are also perfect for use throughout the year for boutiques, parties, tradeshows and more! Using Pre-made paper carrier bags with reinforced twist handles, we can offer digital overprinting in 1 colour print (Black only) or 4 colour print to either 1 side or both. 

Just get in touch if you'd like us to send you a sample!


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